Unspooled #55 May 22, 2019

Paul & Amy fall into Alfred Hitchcock’s 1958 psychological thriller Vertigo! They learn who created the famous Vertigo zoom, listen to a classic 90s song inspired by Vertigo, and ask if the age gap between Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak works to the film’s credit. Plus: Tony Lee Moral, author of multiple books on Hitchcock, tells us where Vertigo fits into his filmography.

Next week is our 50th movie special – tell us which films we’ve covered so far surprised you or stuck with you, or offer us your 30 second elevator pitch for an AFI movie mashup! Just call the Unspooled voicemail line at 747-666-5824. Follow us on Twitter @Unspooled, get more info at and don’t forget to rate, review & subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts. Photo credit: Kim Troxall

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