What Is AST?

The Wolf Den #18 May 19, 2011

AST, or A Special Thing, is quite enigmatic in that it’s a message board, a comedy news site, a record company, and the original internet home of many podcasts. Over the last ten years, Matt Belknap has turned his hobby for comedy and desire for articulate dialogue into a life for himself and has helped the career of many comedians at the same time. Learn this week how Matt cultivated his message board (and when it will get back to looking great), began his own record company, and essentially turned podcasting from a barren wasteland into a burgeoning business with Never Not Funny. Marc Maron interrupts the proceedings with a big announcement about his show WTF, leaving lots more behind-the-scenes Belknap for next week. See you then, and feel free to pass the time until then by writing an iTunes review.

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