February 23, 2021

EP. 93 — Why is Border Patrol Exempt from the Fourth Amendment? with Todd Miller

No feature of the American landscape is more absurd than the border. It cuts across natural landscapes, is highly militarized, and possesses the largest law enforcement agency in America. Why? Journalist and Author Todd Miller joins Adam to explain why the heck Border Patrol got involved with the BLM protests last June, what “check point trauma” means, and why we need to build solidarity, rather than division with the people who share the continent with us. Todd Miller’s book – Build Bridges Not Walls – is out at the end of March, and can be pre-ordered at citylights.com


Adam: [00:00:22] Hello, everyone, welcome to Factually! I’m Adam Conover. You know, as Americans, we treasure our constitutional rights. We know that the government can’t do anything to interfere with our religion or how we choose to express it. We know that if a soldier wants to quarter themselves in our goddamn attic, we can tell them to buzz off. And we know that we have the right to freedom of speech to protest for whatever the heck it is we believe to sound off in the comments around this great land. We know about these rights and we also believe that the government can’t take our stuff or rifle through it without a warrant. That’s the Fourth Amendment, which protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures. It’s in the Constitution and we believe that it applies to all of us. Well, I’ve got some unfortunate news for you. If you’re one of the nearly two thirds of Americans who lives within 100 miles of a border, that Fourth Amendment

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