Why It Took 30 Years For Cosby’s Victims to Go Public

The Cracked Podcast #83 August 17, 2015

Over the last decade, the internet has brought into public light some of the great social injustices hiding just beneath the surface of what we thought we knew about our society…or specifically what white men thought they knew about society. No topic – from abuse of police power to campaign finance reform – has been without vocal opposition from both sides of the issue.

Yet one topic seems especially inflammatory, as it’s been both helped and hindered by the very mechanism of the internet itself: sexism and sexual violence. Yes, Bill Cosby’s victims were empowered by the medium and momentum to come forward and name their abuser. But dig deeper and a similar controversy sits quietly on the backburner as people refuse to name names and victims refuse to come forward, fearing public shaming and career endangerment.

This week on the podcast, Jack O’Brien speaks with Cracked columnist Adam Tod Brown and comedian Dani Fernandez about the unseen difficulties faced by women in the internet age, the powers that try to silence female voices both online and in the real world, and why these issues are magnified in the comedy community.

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