Know Your Cosby Show Intro

With the Fall TV schedule upon us, we are reminded of the importance of a TV sitcom’s opening credit sequence. Look at The Fresh Prince of Bell Air. Was there ever any doubt the Fresh Prince wasn’t going to get into and out of trouble? No. While many shows find success with an opening credit sequence, none did it as ambitiously as The Cosby Show. It kept changing, like a good growing family should.

Here are the top 5 Cosby Show intros.

#5 – Season 3

This song sounds like the Sex & the City intro. The Cos is so trailblazing. Sexy stuff here. Probably chosen because Lisa Bonet and Cosby have so much on-screen chemistry they had to justify it with the soundtrack…they must’ve been hittin’ it by then. I’ve heard rumors. It seems Tempest may have been a bit jealous of the affair and BOLDLY sets herself apart by not dancing. She’s way underrated in this series. Special note, this is the first glimpse into Cosby’s peacocking sweater game, those Coogis are like 300 bucks man no lie. Baller shit.

#4 – Season 1

DAAAAAMN this opening sequence is funky: big ol’ crazy van, family at the park, weird transitional effects…such an amazing introduction to this wonderful family. I had a big family and, let me tell you, the level of coordination that goes into a family outing like this is staggering. They’re playing MULTIPLE sports and they’re all smiling? Impossible. Oh, and we come to find when the Cos is chilling in his down time, he dresses like Run DMC. Dad of the year for sure.

#3 – Season 4

PUTTIN ON THE MUTHUH FUCKIN RITZ. This one is all formal attire, elegance and dick-swinging swagger. And all to the vocal percussion of Bobby McFerrin. Phylicia sizzles in a peach gown, Malcolm finally drops the goofy act and just looks fucking good, but AGAIN Tempestt astonishes –  this time in a WWII inspired USO outfit. Crazy hot. I tell you though, Sabrina (the old, unattractive sister) is a wallflower and she deserved Elden. Yuck city. The little Easter egg in this one is Bonet’s absence, Cosby holds up a photo of her instead – obviously things had “soured.” It’s tough dating* your TV daughter I guess.


#2 – Season 5

The tropical opening. Ok. I mean, are they jumping the shark on this one? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I love it, it’s season 5. They’ve earned tropical. Modern Family went to Hawaii in the FIRST season (show some restraint, Modern Family). This is the last season with the original family, minus the love lorn Bonet. I love the choreographed dance. Sure, maybe they were over compensating, but it just looks fun. Also at about 45 seconds into it you can see VERY far up Phylicia’s dress. Hot hot hot.

#1 – Season 6 &7

The intro so nice they used it twice. EVERYONE looks sexy in this one, even the old gross sister. Bonet is back and just bohemian dancing FIRE. Keisha even does her little thing, and wait what’s that? THAT”S SO RAVEN! OoooooWeeeee that lady is a star. Cutest kid of all time. Also a sexy adult lady. This intro is so cold Cos had to tag it with, “That’s the best elevator music I’ve ever heard.” WHAT A LINE?! A++ Cosby family.

Didn’t make the cut: Season 2 & Season 8.

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