Late Night Gratitude

It’s almost 2am and I’m pretty beat.  Today was spent talking to an independant sales rep, thinking long and hard about a potential partnership opportunity, scheduling meetings for the rest of the week and working on v2 of this website.  Right now I’m reviewing a proposal that will be discussed tomorrow night during a weekly dinner with Scott, preparing for a call with a potential host of a new show early in the morning and prepping for my Wolf Den recording on Wednesday with PFT.

I decided to stop what I was doing to write a little something.  It’s easy to get so self-absorbed and voluntarily busy that you forget why you do what you do.  So I just wanted to remind myself and express my gratitude to everyone who goes out of their way to listen to what is recorded in our studio every week.  Whether you buy every download, comment on each Facebook update or merely smile occasionally while riding the el train to work…thank you.  I love having a reason to stay up so late trying to make things better.