On Tour Guide: August 17-23

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Now we’re talking. Tours galore this week, lighting up the middle of the country like it’s the edge of the country. August is also the time when people suddenly realize, “Crap, it’s almost time for school again.” So if you’re 7, this is probably your last chance to get crank. Also, what’s the deal with August 18? Comedy holiday, I say.

Bill Burr, Zanies (Nashville, TN) Aug 18

One of the most brutally honest comics working today, Bill Burr is able to tap into the male psyche, and explain himself, in a way that’ll have you rooting for him by the end. He was recently seen in the live show CHEAT!, but these road gigs are back to basics.

Tickets for Zanies, Nashville, TN – August 18

Michael Ian Black, Improv (Louisville, KY) Aug 18

Michael Ian Black is smug and pompous, but it’s all part of the act. He tells stories effortlessly and can tear down the behaviors of random strangers with as much flair as he used to tear down celebrities on VH1.

Tickets for Improv, Louisville, KY – August 18


Eddie Pepitone, The Hideout (Chicago, IL) Aug 18

The excellent People Under The Stares live series puts up another iteration tonight, featuring the wonderfully rant-y Pepitone, who has as strong of a Twitter presence as he does live.

Tickets for The Hideout, Chicago, IL – August 18