On Tour Guide: August 24-30

Do you feel that? Is that a slight chill in the air? No, no, no no no no no no, it can’t be. SUMMER WILL LAST FOREVER! (Though I guess if winter never came, then comedy shows wouldn’t be so supremely satisfying as indoor activities.) NOOOOOOO!

T.J. Miller, Tennessee Tech University (Cookeville, TN) Aug 30

Chicago-bred T.J. Miller is a hell of a joke writer, but he’s in his element when he goes entirely off-book. He’s a master of improv, can riff for hours on end and make it sound like he scripted the whole thing. He’s incredibly compelling on stage.

Tickets for Tennessee Tech University, Cookeville, TN – August 30


Matt Walsh, UCB Theatre (Hollywood, CA) Aug 27-28

One of the founding members of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Walsh has been busy lately (he had to miss the latest Del Close Marathon in New York), but he still makes regular appearances on Earwolf shows. Catch him live while you can. He’s a genius improviser who can find the funny in the weirdest situations.

Tickets for UCB Theatre, Hollywood, CA – August 27-28


Kevin Nealon, The Punchline (Atlanta, GA) Aug 26-27

Remember our awesome interview with the venerable comic vet? Now you do.

Tickets for The Punchline, Atlanta, GA – August 26-27

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