On Tour Guide: August 3-9

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The Just For Laughs festival is over, meaning the bulge of Earwolf artists have hit the road again with material honed and polished in front of dozens—dozens!—of well-dressed industry pass holders compulsively checking their Blackberrys instead of paying attention. After that kind of crowd, these guys need some laughter lovin.

John Mulaney, The Improv (Washington, DC) August 4-7

When he’s not appearing on one episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! (and really, who among us hasn’t? Me), John Mulaney is touring his new hour of material that’s equal parts brilliant and heartbreaking. Seriously, he’s one of the best, and you folks in Washington DC are a lucky bunch. Now do something about that DEBT CEILING!!! What? Too late?

Tickets for The Improv, Washington DC – August 4-7

Myq Kaplan, Bethel Inn Resort (Bethel, ME) August 6

Myq Kaplan is a killer wordsmith, and his comedy is like running a marathon of vowels—and his first name is like running a marathon of consonants. Check out his adeptness with “words” on Sklarbro Country, then see him in the ol’ ME.

Tickets for Bethel Inn Resort, Bethel, ME – August 6


Greg Proops, The Punchline (San Francisco, CA) August 4-6

Proops is quick on his feet and sharp as a tack. He’s one of the most fun comics to watch live – especially if he goes off-book and starts talking about whatever’s on his mind. Hear that, Punchline? Someone heckle the crud out of him! (That’s the clean version.)

Tickets for The Punchline, San Francisco, CA – August 4-6

Moshe Kasher, Crackers Comedy Club (Indianapolis, IN) August 5-6

There’s a tragic nature to a lot of Kasher’s jokes. Specifically, they’re about things going on in his life, and his rants are deeply personal and hysterical. He’s got a stage energy that’s unmatched, and a depth of potentially useless knowledge to back it up.

Tickets for The Improv, Washington DC – August 4-7

Brian Posehn, Neptune Theatre (Seattle, WA) August 6

If you’re reading this, then you probably already know the virtues of the self-deprecating nerd-rants of the beloved Brian Posehn. Whether it’s talking about metal music or simply just goofing around, Posehn has a way about him that’s infinitely endearing.

Tickets for Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA – August 6