On Tour Guide: July 13-19

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Lest you suffer from what’s likely heat stroke (aka, hangover), Earwolf artists are requesting you sit down in intimate theaters. This is comedy’s week to be artsy.

Jeff Garlin, Steppenwolf Upstairs (Chicago, IL) July 13-24

His star-studded Comedy Bang! Bang! appearance and excellent contributions to the recently returned Curb Your Enthusiasm have cemented Jeff Garlin’s place in our collective Earwolf earhearts. Head to the fancy-schmancy (relatively) Steppenwolf theater for No Sugar Tonight, Garlin’s struggles with the addictive nature of sweet, sweet sugar. They say the stuff’s toxic, but I dunno: What’s so toxic about killing your own mother for a cookie? Because that doesn’t sound toxic to me. Totally normal. Even if the cookie turned out to be one of those weird sugar free “diet” cookies.

Tickets for Steppenwolf Upstairs, Chicago, IL – July 13-24


Tig Notaro, Helium Comedy Club (Philadelphia, PA) July 13-16

One week from yesterday, Tig Notaro’s album, Good One, will be unleashed on the world. A few weeks ago, her podcast Professor Blastoff was unleashed on the world. Expect few leashes at these live gigs—your only chance to catch the “good ones” before they’re immortalized in compact disc format (or at the very least, mini disc). A nice bonus: Garfunkle & Oates’ Kate Micucci returns to her home state of Pennsylvania, opening for Tig all weekend.

Tickets for Helium Comedy Club, Philadelphia, PA – July 13-16

Matt Besser, UCB Theatre (Hollywood, CA) July 17

Host of the brand-spanking-new Earwolf Challenge reality podcast tries out some new material at his home turf in Matt Besser: Enter The Hot Chicks Room. More about the Earwolf Challenge – a show pitting podcasts against each other in the hopes of winning a year-long contract with us guys on this here Interwebs site.

Reservations for Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Hollywood, CA – July 17

Reggie Watts, Public Assembly (Brooklyn, NY) July 14

One of the first-ever guests on the new Conan show, Reggie Watts will bring beatboxing stylings to his native Brooklyn before heading out on the road. I’m sure you already knew this, but Reggie does the Comedy Bang! Bang! theme song, too. Seriously, you can hear him on every single episode. It’s not even worth linking to them, because they’re freakin’ everywhere. If you can’t find one, we have a problem.

Tickets for Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY – July 14


Kyle Kinane, Highland BrewCo (Asheville, NC) July 13

Storyteller Kyle Kinane makes the mundane seem infinitely interesting. Here he is talking about Red Lobster on Comedy Central, which should give you a sense of his overactive imagination.

Tickets for Highland BrewCo, Asheville, NC – July 13