On Tour Guide: July 20-26

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What are podcasters like live? Do they sit there in hoodies and gab into microphones, sipping cold coffee and compulsively checking their iPhones just like in the studio?! No way. For one thing, some of them have Droids.

The Apple Sisters, Largo at The Coronet (Los Angeles, CA) July 25

For the first time since joining the legions of the undead (aka Earwolf podcasters), The Apple Sisters are bringing their old-timey radio shenanigans to the people sitting in the seats of live theater—grabbing the bull by the horns! The girls’ live shows are pretty exciting: Witness the Funny Or Die video of their popular corn sketch, rife with spitting and…well, lots of spitting.

Tickets for The Apple Sisters, Los Angeles, CA – July 25

Amy Poehler, ASSSSCAT 3000, UCB (New York, NY) July 24

Photo by Chad Griffith

Amy Poehler’s contribution to the Earwolf network was brief: just one episode of Sklarbro Country. But she’s responsible for founding one of the best comedy theaters in New York, spawning generations of talent who have appeared on future Earwolf podcasts. So, in a way, she’s been on our shows a ton. Catch her returning to her native long-form improv this Sunday, and give her a handshake as thanks. Don’t explain, though. Just do it.

Tickets for UCB Theatre, New York, NY – July 24

Brent Weinbach, The Hideout (Chicago, IL)  July 21

Oddball Weinbach, a recent appearer on Who Charted?, is an ex-substitute teacher with some stories to tell—and he always invests himself fully to the retelling, darkness and all. He’s joined in Chicago by Kyle Kinane and local Michael Sanchez, which is as solid a lineup as you could hope for.

Reservations for The Hideout, Chicago, IL – July 21

Natasha Leggero, Hyena’s (Dallas, TX) July 22-23

Leggero usually takes the stage wearing an evening gown with long gloves. Then she mocks rich people, utilizing both satire and direct take-’em-down tactics. Or, she’ll mock them second-hand, on How Did This Get Made? She’s also pretty effortless and great when it comes to crowd work, so here’s hoping someone at Hyena’s (GET IT?!?!?) ventures a flippant comment or two.

Tickets for Hyena’s, Dallas, tX – July 22-23

Dave Foley, Comedy Works (Denver, CO) July 22-23

Even when Dave Foley doesn’t show up, much merriment can be had. So consider his appearance at these stand-up gigs merely icing on the Kids In The Hall cake. And look! A thinly veiled excuse to link to an amazing Kids In The Hall Sketch! This day just keeps getting better.

Tickets for Comedy Works, Denver, CO – July 22-23