On Tour Guide: July 6-12

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This week, the Earwolf family suffers a minor post-Independence Day hangover and pretty much stays home, save for a few brave souls. But that’s just how America would want it: If it wasn’t for a few brave souls in 1776 venturing off their plantations (or wherever), we’d still be under British rule—wearing red coats and crossing our arms at stand-up shows as if to say, “Oh yeah? Think you’re so special you little American shit? Bring it.” Maybe there’d be monocles involved, but I’m no history buff.

Hannibal Buress, Zanies (Chicago, IL) July 6-17

After tearing up the writers’ rooms of both Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock (and one glorious episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!), Hannibal Buress is embarking on a huge-ass tour that’s nearly wrapped up. This weekend he heads to his Chicago homeland, playing the club that wouldn’t really put him up until he moved away and was on television. As penance, though, Buress is booked two fucking weekends in a row, so there’s very little that should stop you from checking out this fan favorite and pickle juice enthusiast.


Tickets for Zanies, Chicago, IL – July 6-17

Rory Scovel, Zanies (Nashville, TN) July 7-9

Sadly, Scovel’s gigs at the Tennessee Zanies are by himself, but we can only hope Jon Dore shows up unexpectedly for much, much more of this:

Tickets for Zanies, Nashville, TN – July 7-9

Doug Benson, Hilarities (Cleveland, OH) July 9 + Funny Bone (Toledo, OH) July 10

When he’s not doing his own podcast Doug Loves Movies, talking about that podcast on The Wolf Den or 100th episode-ing it up with Comedy Bang! Bang!, Doug Benson is probably on the one sad bus that runs from Ventura to Cleveland—where the in-bus movie is always Water For Elephants and the bathrooms smell like THE WORST SMELL EVER…which is bus smell. But he does this for you people—yes you—so you’d better catch him on either side of the smelly road.

Tickets for Hilarities, Cleveland, OH – July 9
Tickets for Funny Bone, Toledo, OH – July 10

Phil LaMarr, Groundlings Theatre (Los Angeles, CA) July 11

LaMarr’s contribution to the Earwolf Empire (LLC) has been small but strong, though you’ve probably seen him around every TV, film, and live comedy project known to mankind. His show at the Groundlings is pretty promising-sounding: Along with a cast that includes Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, LaMarr and company get an audience suggestion of a popular film, then improvise what the black version of that film would look like. It’s simply titled The Black Version, and it’s gonna be great.

Tickets for Groundlings Theatre, Los Angeles – July 11