Our 1-Year Anniversary

Today marks a year of Earwolf running rampant out in the world! It’s our 1-year anniversary of releasing shows. We released the 1st Sklarbro Country 12 months ago and now we’re 12 shows strong. We have a new studio and are looking forward to making the 2nd year better than the 1st, bringing you even more great comedy. Thanks to all the talented comedians and performers who became part of the Earwolf family. They may not know it, but now we’re all related now. Sorry, it’s how it works. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who helped us keep the shows coming to the fans, improve our website and mobile apps and put in the time with a lot of random but vital behind-the-scenes work.

Most of all, thanks to all of our fans who offered up their time and support to bring Earwolf into their homes, offices, cars, gyms, planes…well, pretty much everywhere. We truly have amazing fans and our 1st year growth and success is a reflection of your support of comedy.

Stay tuned for more Earwolf goodness in Year 2!

To celebrate the occasion today, let’s enjoy this photo of a wolf eating a birthday cake and listen to some Earwolf shows!