Paul Scheer Answers Your HDTGM Questions

Paul Scheer took to the Earwolf forums this week to kick-start a blistering campaign of answering fans’ burning How Did This Get Made? questions. You can read all the questions and answers here. Submit your own question, too! There’s no telling how long the Q&A magic will last.

Photo by Rebecca Rotenberg

Here are a few of Scheer’s starter questions and answers:

Do you even read our suggestions?

Yes. We actually have a huge master list that is based from your suggestions.

You should do an episode devoted to The Room or Troll 2.

While those are amazing “good-bad” movies those two in particular have been done so many times by so many people that we don’t feel like we can bring anything more to them.

You should do this movie that my friend made.

While your friend’s movie (or a weird indie that you saw) might be a perfect fit sometimes those really low budget indie feel like easy target. We are trying to focus on bigger budget films that had all the money and resources to make it a hit but they miss the mark.

Why do you do movies that you like?

Movies like Fast 5 & Crank 2 fall into another category of this podcast, which is not HOW DID THIS GET MADE? but more WHAT THE HELL AM I WATCHING?! These are movies that are so crazy that they need to be discussed and seen.

Why don’t you really answer the question like “How Did This Get Made?”

Because that’s not our show. I know it’s our title but it’s not an academic study of the process and never will be and if you want that I’m sure smarter people than us can let you.

Hurry! Embrace your inner HDTGM fanatic and submit your own movie & podcast questions to Paul Scheer. Right here!