Adam Bozarth

Adam Bozarth is an actor and writer trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade since 2007. He has been a performer on Harold Night and has fake-wrestled in the UCBW on Cage Match. Offstage, he is a writer for truTV’s hit show Impractical Jokers and has been a contributing writer for Onion News Network, McSweeneys Internet Tendency, and He also writes and performs sketches each month on the podcast Left Handed Radio. He can also be seen in web videos by, Dr. Coolsex, and Mister Clark. Adam lives in Brooklyn, and has a BA in Art, thank you very much.

Guest Appearances

John Dowd and Maureen Dowd Aren't Related (w/ Anna Rubanova, Adam Bozarth)

Private: Hard Nation #91December 27, 2017

Hope...get the machine! New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd (Anna Rubanova) and Trump administration lawyer John Dowd (Adam Bozarth) were accidentally booked together on this week’s Hard Nation. Maureen remembers the time she ate a whole pot chocolate bar, John is covered…


The Grimm Life: Fairy Tales With a Modern Twist

Earwolf Presents #61October 12, 2016

TO HEAR MORE EPISODES OF THE GRIMM LIFE GO TO HOWL.FM AND USE PROMO CODE GRIMM AT CHECKOUT. Join the Sisters Grimm (Siobhan Thompson and Anna Rubanova) as they bring you stories on a familiar theme with a magical twist. Modeled after…

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