Adam Rymer

Adam Rymer is president of Nerdist Industries. He was COO/CFO of Lava Bear Films and executive produced the feature film The Rover. Before that he served eight years at Universal Studios Motion Picture Group, most recently as SVP, Universal Pictures Digital Platforms.

Guest Appearances

December 4, 2014

Nerdist Industries President Adam Rymer is the guest for this episode of The Wolf Den, discussing how the Nerdist brand went from being Chris Hardwick’s website and podcast to becoming an agile and fast-growing digital media company, now part of Legendary Entertainment, the studio behind successful movies like Batman Begins, 300 and Interstellar. Adam talks about how Nerdist is both like a modern cable network and a multi-channel network (MCN), but is also different. That’s because Nerdist works with a smaller cadre of carefully chosen talent, but creating content that works on different platforms. He also explains how podcasting fits into the company’s high level strategy, and how the medium is still integral to Nerdist along with being a meaningful part of the bottom line. Finally, Adam lays out some of his vision for the future of Nerdist, which could include feature films or music.