Adam Sachs

Adam’s an East Coaster living the California dream with his wife and two children. He’s got big plans for Earwolf and a really cool Bruce Springsteen poster in his office.

Guest Appearances

Adam Sachs, Our Cool Bossfriend

Sean and Hayes take a Twitter request to discuss the teaser for Hardcore Henry and arrive at some big questions. Then they invite Earwolf/Midroll CEO ADAM SACHS to join them just to hang out as friends and not because they're worried about…


Pediatrician's Office

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes everyone who took the time to stream, download, or overhear SPONTANEANATION! This week, Paul’s special guest is Midroll CEO and The Wolf Den host Adam Sachs! They chat about baseball, how much brain space is needed to know three languages, and "the rules…


Adam Sachs, CEO of Midroll Media/Earwolf

The Wolf Den #61August 21, 2014

This is Jeff's last episode. It's also the one where he passes the torch to Adam Sachs, The Wolf Den's new host and the new CEO of Earwolf's parent company, Midroll Media. They talk about why Jeff started the show, and Jeff…

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