Alan Spencer

Alan Spencer is an American television writer and producer, known for creating the 1980s satirical police series Sledge Hammer! and Bullet In The Face. He was one of the youngest people ever to join the Writers Guild of America, writing for television at the age of fifteen.

Guest Appearances

March 13, 2014

Sledge Hammer! & Bullet in the Face creator Alan Spencer joins Jake this week to talk about how he went from being a latchkey kid who loved TV to becoming one of the youngest writers for TV around the age of fifteen. They’ll also chat about how Marty Feldman took Alan under his wing after wandering onto the set of Young Frankenstein, a seminal moment in Alan & Andy Kaufman’s friendship, and how Alan got to work with his childhood hero Don Adams. As always, check out all the videos from this episode are over at! If you’re in Los Angeles, come join Jake as he presents a midnight 35mm screening of Ladies and Gentleman: The Fabulous Stains on Friday, April 4th at Cinefamily! Go to for tickets.