Alec Sulkin

Alec Sulkin is a writer for Family Guy and Cleveland Show and used to be a writer for The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and has a bunch of Twitter followers and sometimes does voices on Family Guy and various other Seth MacFarlane programs. Those things are all facts. Don’t question me on them.

Guest Appearances

The Last Supper (w/ Alec Sulkin)

Alec Sulkin (writer of Ted, Family Guy) is back in the nook for our last show of 2019 and bringing lots of HOT takes. From Jen's much lauded impressions to Stephanie's Nancy Regan party ensemble, Alec has some tough love(?) for all our ladies…


Babes in Brandiland (w/ Alec Sulkin)

Casey and Danielle are joined by the delightfully savage Alec Sulkin, executive producer of Family Guy and writer of Ted and Ted 2. He is self admittedly “fluent” in housewives and has some VERY tough feedback for some of our gals. Casey…


Twitter King Me

Sklarbro Country #59September 9, 2011

Next week is a big one for Randy and Jason: Their album Hendersons and Daughterscomes out on Tuesday, they'll be on Conan on Wednesday, and they're spending the weekend performing in Ann Arbor. You gotta stretch before you sprint, so prepare for the Sklar-athon with a…

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