Alia Malek

Alia Malek is a journalist, civil rights lawyer, and author. Her reportage has appeared in the New York Times, Foreign Policythe New Yorkerthe Nationthe Christian Science MonitorJadaliyyaMcSweeney’sGuernica and other publications.

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April 13, 2017

It’s been six years of the devastating civil war in Syria – more than 11 million people have been displaced, and last week’s horrifying chemical attack on Syrian citizens by their own president Bashar al-Assad has been yet another reminder of the human cost of the conflict. On this episode of Politically Re-Active, journalist and author Alia Malek helps contextualize the war and shares her own experiences of living in Damascus during the start of the conflict. Alia recommends following these outlets and journalists to stay engaged with news from Syria: independent journalist Rania Abouzeid (@Raniaab), Kareem Shaheen of The Guardian (@kshaheen), and the website And if you have money to spare, donate to the following organizations: INARA, which focuses on providing medical assistance to children from Syria, and Chicago-based Karam, which seeks to “restore the dignity and quality of life for people affected by conflict.”


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