Alison Rich

Alison Rich

Alison Rich is a writer, actor, and comedian known for starring in FOX’s Party Over Here and writing for Saturday Night Live.

Guest Appearances

Mr. Met and the Legitimate Witch

Comedy Bang Bang #596April 7, 2019

Actor Griffin Newman joins Scott once again to recap the pilot of Amazon’s The Tick. Then, Mr. Met returns to address some allegations. Plus, legitimate witch Mathilda Primble stops by talk about the proper way to be a witch. This episode is…


Casual High Technology with Wajatta

Comedy Bang Bang #545May 13, 2018

Old friend and colleague Reggie Watts and fellow musician John Tejada join Scott to play songs off the new album Casual High Technology from their project Wajatta. Then, former sports fan Ming drops by to discuss the ins and outs of cult…


Arctic March Madness (w/ Alison Rich)

Alison Rich (The Goldbergs, Party Over Here) joins Jess and Zach for an arctic musical filled with penguin eggs, fish gifting, narwhals and more! With songs like "Fishkabob", "When In Doubt Float" and "Will I Be A Gewd Dahd?", you'll be tingling for more of these tunes.…


Hootie Hoo

Comedy Bang Bang #527January 15, 2018

Author Dorothy Charlessss joins Scott to talk about her handwritten book “Help Yourself” and the passing of her husband. Then, whistleblower Leo Williams stops by to expose the secret society known as The Order of the Owl. Later, 20 something Will Crowe…


Reese's Feces

Comedy Bang Bang #503August 14, 2017

Comedy superstar Andy Richter returns this week to talk about co-hosting Conan and to help fix everything about Comic-Con. Then, Denmark native Tina Danish arrives to map out her plan to achieve a Guinness World Record, and educator Patricia Primm makes a…


3 Kidnapped Boys

Comedy Bang Bang #488May 22, 2017

Stand-up comedian Al Madrigal joins Scott to talk about ventriloquists, his new comedy special on Showtime “Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy,” the Showtime series “I’m Dying Up Here” based on the bestselling book of the same name, and his time on The Daily Show.…



Comedy Bang Bang #482April 17, 2017

Creator of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Joel Hodgson and comedians Jonah Ray and Baron Vaughn join Scott to give the inside scoop on the newly revived show. Joel tells the saga of how he invented MST3K before they welcome old blues man…


Alison Rich, Our Close Friend Again

Hollywood Handbook #179March 28, 2017

The boys Sean and Hayes are rejoined by Alison Rich to talk about possible jobs.   This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron ( and Harry's (


Punch Those D's, America! (w/ Alison Rich, Pam Murphy, Dan Black)

The phone lines are open this week! Trump University student Alyssa Marezzo (Alison Rich) tries to sell Pete a scarf, gun shop owner Claudia Danger (Pamela Murphy) stumps for “Stand Your Womb” legislation, and Professor Charles Waterbury (Dan Black) has a new…


Alison Rich, Our Close Friend

Sean and Hayes give each other their annual physical exam. Then ALISON RICH comes in to explain Party Over Here and discuss favorite influences and some interesting science and history.


Alison Rich, Jessica McKenna, Nicole Byer: Dreams Dreams Dreams

Wake up and listen to the Dreams Dreams Dreams podcast hosted by your favorite three older ladies Claribelle (Alison Rich), Zelda (Jessica McKenna), and Ruth (Nicole Byer)! What goes into having a good group nap? Claribelle, Zelda, and Ruth will take you…


The Covenant

Alison Rich of Fox's sketch comedy show Party Over Here joins Paul and Jason in studio to talk about the Abercrombie & Witch of movies, the 2006 film The Covenant. They'll cover everything including the Harry Potter & Twilight connections, the poorly…

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