Alison Willmore

Alison Willmore is a film critic for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

Guest Appearances

September 18, 2017

This week, BuzzFeed film critic Alison Willmore joins Amy to bring the 1972 erotic drama “Last Tango in Paris” to the table – and to make her case as to why it shouldn’t enter The Canon. They discuss how the film pushed the boundaries of mainstream eroticism, the fallout faced by director Bernardo Bertolucci for certain controversial scenes, and the most authentic of Marlon Brando’s rambling monologues. Plus, they question the lasting profoundness of the film and its long-term effects on actress Maria Schneider. Does “Last Tango in Paris” belong in The Canon? Cast your vote on the Earwolf forums now!



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