Allan McLeod

Allan McLeod is a frequent performer at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles, performing in the Harold team Arts & Athletics and the sketch group A Kiss from Daddy. You’ve probably seen him on your television either in his numerous commercials or appearances in shows like Head Case and Tosh.0. Go ahead and pop his name into FunnyOrDie or UCBComedy and enjoy yourself for hours (may I recommend the video Best Halloween Costume Ever?).

Guest Appearances

May 11, 2018

Welcome to Matt Besser’s Thunderdome, a brand new competitive improv podcast. Each team of six improvisers will do their best improv set using the storied Movie format. Two teams enter…but only one team can take the glory. You can determine who moves on to the next episode by voting for your favorite, right here on Earwolf’s Twitter feed!


Joel Spence 

Suzi Barrett 

Johnny Meeks 

Colton Dunn 

Jessica McKenna 

Allan McLeod 


Cody Kopp 

Lilan Bowden 

Devin Field 

Jake Sprague 

Oscar Montoya 

Kristen Studard 

Mark Schroeder

November 9, 2017

Colton Dunn, Allan McLeod, and Joel Spence join Matt Besser for a special Movie Form double feature edition of improv4humans! First is “Fashiontown,” the story of a young haberdasher with dreams of making it big and an executive in need of killer new headwear. Then, a group of Indians scours the plains of Arizona for a serial killer and cultural appropriator in the western-style “Prairie Revenge.”

October 23, 2017

As Scott goes out for another remote episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! he gets tricked into entering Suicide House once again by innkeepers Messmore and Bueford le Barron. Snot Squakerman, Messmore, and Bueford chat about the rules of Suicide House, Dennis Miller, and politics when suddenly Ghost Boy appears and reunites with his Ghost Mother. Plus, musician Leo Carpazzi, the creator of the original version of The Monster Mash and his granddaughter Scaroline burst in to share the world premiere of Scaroline’s new single “Scary Love.” It wouldn’t be a Comedy Fang! Fang! episode without a special Hallowscream Freestyle Rap Competition!

This episode is brought to you by Patton Oswalt: Annihilation on Netflix, ( code: BANGBANG), and Stitch Fix (

December 21, 2016

This week on a special holiday edition of HARD NATION, the one and only Santa Claus (Allan McLeod) stops by the studio to disclose the mysteries of elf diapers, share the process behind the naughty or nice list, and reveal his affair with Melania Trump. Plus: Mark & Pete get punched in the face (a lot).

October 31, 2016

Oh no! Scott has been tricked again on his way to the Earwolf Studios and instead has arrived to the Werewolf Studios deep inside Suicide House on 1122 Boogie Woogie Avenue. The ghoulish Beuford le Barron welcomes Scott alone this time around as his brother Messmore is no longer dead. As Scott hears the cries of others residing dark in the shadows of the Suicide House he encounters familiar faces of Halloween past such as Ghost Boy, Dr. Traygo, and Leo Carpazzi & his granddaughter Scaroline. It’s time to face your fear and enter yet another Comedy Fang! Fang! complete with a special Hallowscream Freestyle Rap Contest!

This episode is brought to you by Seeso, Black Tux, Dollar Shave Club, and Jack Threads.

September 22, 2016

Allan McLeod, Mike Mitchell, Don Fanelli, and Laura Willcox join Matt Besser on this week’s episode of improv4humans. They follow Mike as he strives to trap himself a wife, find out what Game of Thrones would be like if it followed a structure of improvised beats, and try to get the newest Nasty Boy to cut loose. Then, they check in with Slow Jimmy the Farmhand Who Talks to Animals, address Corey Feldman’s recent Today Show appearance, and discover the perfect recipe for a revolution.