Allen Loeb

Allen is a delightful fellow from the far off state of New Jersey. He has done improv and sketch all over the place, including UCB, The Groundlings, iO West and the now expired Empty Stage. You might recognize him as the dashing, svelt, curly-haired gentleman on the Harold team, Flap Jackson. Allen’s work can be seen on, and embedded across many blogs due to his massive popularity. Allen has also hosted a number of shows at UCB including Harold Night, Let’s Do This and Not Too Shabby in addition to his own one-man show, ‘Hi There with Allen Loeb’. Allen does not indulge in any dairy save for the occasional brownie or cookie, because he can. Also, Allen is a lawyer.

Guest Appearances

January 30, 2015

Hey there and welcome to another edition of Life’s Miracles with your host Allen Carp (Allen Loeb)! Today Allen’s guest is a mother, daughter, and spiritual guide Dr. Marianne Kind. Allen & Dr. Marianne talk about her psychic journey as a child, her book “Back To Life, Better Than Ever,” which chronicles her near death experience, and to do a special tarot card reading. Later, Traci Reardon strolls on through to offer advice to Twitter followers on how to respond to someone who says “I Love You” and much more in her recurring segment, “Help Me, Rhonda.”