Amber Petty

Amber Petty has been teaching at UCB since 2010 and you can see her in Baby Wants Candy. She recently appeared in the Off Broadway hit, 50 Shades! The Musical as Anastasia Steele. She’s appeared on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Take-Away and you can hear her on the Sirius XM Channel, Radio Margaritaville and as the voice of Black Widow in the Marvel What The?! Series.

Guest Appearances

June 22, 2016

DC musical mainstays The Capitol Steps (“Baby Wants Candy”‘s Chris Grace, Ashley Ward, Amber Petty, John Hartman and Scott Passarella) perform some of their greatest hits on a Hard Nation musical extravaganza! Hear about their Vietnam-themed spinoff group and how Hamilton ripped them off between such classics as “ISIS Love” and “This Is The 90’s.”

This episode is sponsored by Blue Apron and Casper Mattresses.