Amy Alkon

Amy Alkon is an advice columnist (or goddess, if you prefer) and the author of I See Rude People: One Woman’s Battle to Beat Some Manners Into Impolite Society. Quite a mouthful, and quite a fascinating read. Her advice column is syndicated in over one hundred newspapers and has appeared on MTV, CNN, NPR, and many other initials.

Guest Appearances

September 6, 2011

We are joined by advice columnist Amy Alkon this week to discuss manners. That doesn’t mean holding-up-your-pinky type etiquette, but giving-an-appropriate-hug style niceness. Whether it’s a time thief on the phone, a chair hog on a plane, or a non-waver in traffic, you’ll learn how to set boundaries and live happier despite our evolutionary predispositions. Never have an awkward telemarketer situation again!