Amy Phillips

Amy is an actress, improviser and celebrity impressionist who studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in N.Y.C. In addition to a long list of celebrity impressions and characters, she has now branched out by doing impressions of various reality stars, specifically Bravo TV’s “Real Housewives” and many other “Bravo-lebrities”. Her self-produced video parodies are featured regularly on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and you may also catch Amy doing an occasional live appearance on the show. She has also been seen on “Cougar Town” and “The Wendy Williams Show”. Amy performs weekly at iO West with “Tatanka” and with “Sweet and Salty” at The Second City Hollywood.

Guest Appearances

November 11, 2021

Casey and Danielle are joined by comedian, housewife impressionist and now author Amy Phillips to discuss the episode we’ve all been waiting for- The Shah-rest!!! Plus Mary puts on an awkward Italian feast that makes the Capri room at Bucca di Beppo look like heaven and they all try to figure out how the missionary position can in the forfeits words of Wendy Osefo “beat that puss to a pulp”.

February 27, 2019

Danielle is joined by hilarious guest co-host Joel Kim Booster, who is fresh off a gay cruise and ready to take Lisa Vanderpump down (but only for the right reasons). They welcome lady of a thousand housewife voices Amy Phillips, who gives them all the inside scoop on Andy Cohen’s baby shower/rave and comes up with a new housewife impression on the spot. They talk Porsha’s engagement, LaLa’s BJ’s for PJ’s, and most importantly, how you never enter a housewife dinner wearing shorts. NEVER!!!

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October 12, 2017

Danielle is joined by reality TV chameleon Amy Phillips (Reality Checked on Sirius XM) who left her tiny baby at home in favor of something more important, talking shot about housewives. They dish on what baby gifts she got from which Bravo celebs, what will become of Milania and how Leanne got her new tits through that volleyball game.

Plus Nobleman Magazine has finally arrived and it’s everything we thought it would be!

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October 4, 2016

Earwolf millennial Kevin Bartelt joins Emily and guest co-host Amy Phillips to talk about whether millennials are afraid of commitment, millennial fashion, and the idea of subtweeting someone. Plus, they figure out why millennials hate on baby boomers’ rate of Facebook posting when they post just as often on Snapchat.

April 26, 2016

Award-winning singer-songwriter Britt Flatmo joins Emily and guest co-host Amy Phillips this week to talk about what she considers classic music, her love of Michael Bublé, and  why sparkly nails are the way to go. Plus, Britt sings an original song entitled “Bound To Stay” off her new self-titled album! Check out Britt Flatmo’s music by going to

March 23, 2016

Casey and Danielle are joined by delightful Housewives Impressionist to the Stars Amy Phillips who graces them with some impressions and the worlds finest,  Kulap Vilaysack who has NEVER SEEN AN EPISODE OF THE HOUSEWIVES and has… questions. Questions like, “Um, are they friends???” It’s a VERY special episode. Also, Danielle rails against Vincent (as per usual) and Casey isn’t drunk (for once).