Andrea Cansler

Andrea Cansler used to perform at Dollywood, yall! For some strange reason she left the happiest place on earth to come to Hollywood, and while I don’t think I would do the same I certainly don’t begrudge her. I mean, once she got to Hollywood she got into The Groundlings Sunday Cast, hosted AOL’s Moviephone, and has been seen on television on The Tonight Show, MADtv, and Disney’s Electric Spoofaloo. But Dollywood you guys!

Guest Appearances

October 13, 2011

Constantly overwhelmed by your dog’s impending doom? Drew, Bruce, and Andrea can help. Whether you’re scared of toddler pageants, applied hydraulics, or scariest of all, Dr. Phil, we’re here to love and support you through meditation, talk therapy, and needle drugs. Grow some cock and balls and get over it! And listen to Glitter in the Garbage.