Andrew Orvedahl

Andrew Orvedahl is a standup comedian, actor and writer best known for his work with The Grawlix. The comedy sketch group was just named one of Variety’s “10 Comic’s to Watch.” Andrew has toured all over the country and was previously a “New Face” at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. Andrew’s stand-up album, Hit the Dick Lights was named one of the top 10 comedy specials of 2013 by Time Out New York.

Guest Appearances

October 19, 2016

Did you ever have the sneaking suspicion that when your history teacher rolled out the old A/V cart for movie time that he was completely hungover? Or that that one teacher who seemed to hate you on a molecular level was giving you bad grades on purpose? Chances are you were right and we have the evidence to prove it: full admissions of guilt from actual teachers. Suck it, Mr. McKinley!

Yes, we got real (and anonymous) teachers to come on the podcast and dish the dirt about the real behind-the-scenes of this supposedly squeaky-clean profession. Spoiler alert: teachers are all hot messes.

Interviewing our panel of masked and maybe inebriated educators, Jack O’Brien is joined by Cracked’s Soren Bowie and Daniel O’Brien as well as Andrew Orvedahl and Maria Thayer from truTV’s hilarious show ‘Those Who Can’t’. They share some all-too-common stories about teachers sleeping with their students, some tips for spotting the teacher who’s secretly living at the school and why the teachers who instruct the youngest grades are the most likely to be drunk. Catch ‘Those Who Can’t’ Thursdays on truTV.

October 17, 2016

Ben Roy and Andrew Orvedahl of the comedy troupe The Grawlix and truTV’s Those Who Can’t join the CBB First Timers Club! They join Scott and world record holder for most wishes Frank Dorito to chat about wishes, smoking on planes, and favorite films. Later, our good friends Victor and Tiny are back to tell us about their relaxing time at the happiest place on Earth. Your wish for a classic episode in the making has been granted!

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September 2, 2016

Comedians and two-thirds of truTV’s “Those That Can’t” Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Orvedahl make their return to the Country! They talk with Randy and Jason about Mike Tyson’s ice cream theft at the U.S. Open as well as Kurt Angle’s headbutt prowess before questioning what kind of music Justin Turner listens to. We hear of a hockey goalie who robbed a convenience store and Robert Mugabe’s return to the dictator game, and finally, Racist Vin Scully makes his final appearance to talk natural talent with the boys.

This episode is sponsored by Warby Parker and Draftkings.

February 9, 2016

Randy and Jason talk to The Grawlix comedy troupe members Ben Roy, Adam Cayton-Holland and Andrew Orvedahl about their new truTV show “Those Who Can’t.” Daniel Van Kirk brings a crazy story about two men who fought each other with a shovel and chainsaw. Next, the Sklars recap the Broncos’ Super Bowl win with the Denver-based troupe and how Cam Newton handled the loss. Lastly, the late Chicago Bears linebacker Doug Buffone stops by the show to answer some questions about the 30 For 30 “The ’85 Bears” episode and everyone in heaven.