Anna B

A listener and fan of Professor Blastoff, Anna joined the Blastronauts to discuss living with a physical—and very visible—disability. Anna walks with two artificial legs and has half of her right arm and a three-fingered left hand: born that way, no big hassle. Not a professional speaker, she’s given talks at an elementary school and to a Girl Scout troop about being handicapped; other than that her only expertise on the topic of disabilities is life experience and a bit of moxie. She enjoys enjoy silly dances, gin, and a damn fine sandwich. She forgot to mention on the show that she’s a bit of an artist, with lightly held aspirations to write/illustrate children’s books.

Guest Appearances

June 25, 2013

Pranks ensue within the hatch on this week’s Professor Blastoff! Kyle opens up by sharing a story about his bowels which inspires Aaron to open up as well by sharing a story of his own regarding heat exhaustion. Then they welcome fellow Blastronaut Anna B. to discuss living with a physical disability known as Quadrilateral Congenital Limb Deficiency. They’ll get into ways she feels it has empowered her as a person, stories from her youth, how often it becomes a thing where she has to tell people not to treat her exceptionally different, and quite possibly wins at What’s Nuts!