Arden Myrin

Arden Myrin is an American comedian and actress, best known for her work on the television show MADtv. Myrin has become a frequent panelist on E!’s Chelsea Lately roundtable.

Guest Appearances

Clothing Sausages

Comedy Bang Bang #675September 27, 2020

Actress and comedian Arden Myrin joins Scott to talk about her new book “Little Miss Little Compton” and her father’s unusual eating habits. Then, movie buff Shaden Gallbreath stops by to share some movie trivia. Plus, educator Emil drops by to talk…


462: National Suicide Hotline Designation Act, Pro-Ana Content, Guest Arden Myrin

Attitudes! #462September 23, 2020

On this week’s show, Bryan discusses the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act, which is the first LGBT inclusive legislation to pass unanimously in the House. Then, Erin takes a look at how pro-ana content on TikTok is on the rise. Plus, Arden…


The Black Space Hitler (Yep!) with Arden Myrin

Scam Goddess #52September 21, 2020

We come in peace, con-gregation! Arden Myrin is on the podcast this week to dissect the story of a miner who claimed to be Hitler AND plotting a spaceship revolt. Yep! Research by Sharilyn Vera.


Clear Eyes, Full Hearts with Arden Myrin

Arden Myrin (Insatiable and "Will You Accept This Rose?" the podcast!) is back for a brand new hockey musical that would surely win regionals if musicals were a sport. Will they "Leave It All On The Ice"? Will it feel like a "New…


Pique Your Clique (Live from Moontower with Arden Myrin)

Raised By TV #20June 12, 2018

Raised By TV wraps up another season with a episode live from Austin’s Moontower festival. Jon & Lauren have special guest Arden Myrin (Shameless) on hand to talk about hanging out with Marilyn Manson, and play “Pique Your Clique,” where they draft…


Arden Myrin, Our #MovieRank Friend

Sean and Hayes invite ARDEN MYRIN to help them finally rank all the movies and do #MovieRank. This episode is sponsored by LaRue Entertainment (, Blue Apron (, hims (, and (888-893-3052).


Russian Into Love: Live! From SF Sketchfest (w/ John Michael Higgins, Arden Myrin)

Live from SF Sketchfest, it's a brand new romantic Russian musical complete with Borat impressions and special guests John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect, Best in Show, Great News) and Arden Myrin (Shameless, MadTV). With songs like "Look Sweet and Walk Low", "Ti-tah from Utah", and "It's…


319: Sophia the Robot, Faith Grace, Guest Arden Myrin

Attitudes! #319December 28, 2017

Erin and Bryan close out 2017 by focusing on the good things that came out of the year: their favorite books and movies! Then, Erin brings a story about Sophia the Robot, asking the question: why do robots need to look so…


Tommy Bahama Store

Paul F. Tompkins slowly eases listeners into this week’s Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guest is Arden Myrin of MADtv, Shameless, and Will You Accept This Rose! They chat about the last time Arden pretended to know something, just starting to…


Arden Myrin: Chasing the High

Welcome back to Chasing the High with your favorite adrenaline junkie Kimmy Tamagini (Arden Myrin)! This week Kimmy is joined by special co-host Emily Abernathy Jones who has been on a wild cross country thrill seeking trip with her this whole summer.…


LIVE from the SF Sketchfest w/ James Urbaniak and Arden Myrin

Ronna & Beverly #152February 10, 2017

Ronna & Beverly pay a visit to San Francisco for the annual SF Sketchfest! They welcome very talented actors James Urbaniak (Difficult People) and Arden Myrin (Shameless) to chat about drag queen leisure wear, the whole refugee project, on-stage engagements, old-timey podcasts,…


Oklahomie: Live from Moontower Comedy Festival

Comedian and actress Martha Kelly joins the Sklars for a live Sklarbro Country episode from Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin. The show also features musical guest Josh Adam Meyers. Martha describes her experience co-starring in "Baskets." Daniel Van Kirk brings a County…


Myrin Animal

Ronna & Beverly #75March 14, 2014

The terrific and adorable Arden Myrin joins Ronna and Beverly to chat about how her father eats cookies with a hammer, her older brother who is blind in one eye, the time she got injured while doing the worm onstage, and why…

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