Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari is Tom Haverford, Raaaaaaaandy, an executive at Shutterbugs, and so much more. He started as a New York City stand-up comedian and it wasn’t long until the whole country fell under a spell of Aziz-er Fever. You can find him on Human Giant, Funny People, Parks and Recreation, or his very own special Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening.

Guest Appearances

Pop and Politics

Comedy Bang Bang #184November 5, 2012

Parks and Recreation’s Aziz Ansari returns for today’s special election episode of Comedy Bang Bang! Aziz talks about the inspiration behind his tour Buried Alive, the cast on Parks & Rec, and being scared of Gout. Bob Odenkirk, Mike Hanford, and Neil…



Comedy Bang Bang #32December 4, 2009

Brendon Small is the genius behind the band Dethklok (who you might know better as Metalocalypse, but he would prefer that you didn't). Aziz Ansari is the genius behind Raaaaaaaandy from Judd Apatow's movie “Funny People.” Stan Lee is the genius behind…


Reggaeton Soundboard

Comedy Bang Bang #2May 8, 2009

It doesn't take a show like Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast long to get some grade-A guests. Guests like SNL's Kevin Nealon? Yes, guests like SNL's Kevin Nealon! And before Aziz Ansari became a huge hit with Raaaaaaaandy, he was a huge…

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