Ben Gigli

Ben Gigli is one of the many talented folks that comprise Five Second Films. For those who don’t know (way to be out of the loop, yall!), Five Second Films is a website that makes five (but really eight) second comedy shorts every Monday through Friday. As far as Ben, he’s a USC alum with a Masters degree in Communications Management and a long list of consulting and producing credits to his name.

Guest Appearances

November 3, 2011

According to Ben Gigli of 5 Second Films, making friends with your fellow content providers is imperative to having success online. We took that advice before he even gave it and had him on The Wolf Den to discuss Youtube monetization, understanding content platforms, and the impossible task of predicting merchandise success. Joining him is Dave Mancherje, our financial guru, who helps us understand Amazon Affiliates, AdSense, and everything else intimidating to industry newcomers.