Beth Appel

Beth Appel is a performer, writer, director and paralegal living in New York City. At UCB, Beth can currently be seen performing with the Harold Team SHERLOCK & COOKIES, writing for the Maude Team CHUNK, and in the one-act play THE STATE VS. JOSH: THE TRIAL OF THE MILLENIALS, which she also directed. Beth plays Beth Myers in the UCB Comedy webseries “Vetting Mitt’s Veeps” and Patty in “The Officer Joey Show” webseries.Other UCB performance credits include THE SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP NYPD VARIETY HOUR, BRAD SACKS GETS A HAND JOB (which she also directed),THIS IS NOT A SKETCH SHOW: A SKETCH SHOW, and UCB Harold Teams MONSTRO and CAPTCHA. She also wrote for UCB Maude Teams HIGH TREASON and NEIGHBOR BOY and directed THE BACHELOR: ROSES, ROMANCE, AND ROSES.Beth graduated from Vassar College where she directed and performed in numerous plays and musicals and was a member of the not at all embarrassingly named sketch comedy group HAPPILY EVER LAUGHTER. She can be seen performing with the improv group SHARK TANK every month at the Parkside Lounge.Her sketch group HAM ON THE BONE (a name so not embarrassing you’re probably jealous) had a long-running monthly show at the Magnet Theater and she makes funny videos with THE BASEMENT and THE BRIAN PROJECT. Beth wrote, directed, and performed in the sketch show SEXUAL DANCING FOR DUMMIES. Beth also blogs for the Huffington Post just like fellow comedian Larry David. Check out her tweets @bethappel.

Guest Appearances

Human Composting at Galaxy’s Edge

improv4humans #398June 5, 2019

Zach Reino, Sarah Claspell, and Beth Appel join Matt Besser this week for scenes about an unlikely green card marriage, deciding how to compost a dead relative, and an unenthusiastic Disney attendee. Later, they’ll settle an argument with a parking lot attendant,…


Beth Appel - Spotlight On: Tara Trout

WOMP It Up! #71November 12, 2018

Modeling scout Tara Trout (Beth Appel) takes a break from her wind chime kiosk at the mall to join Marissa and Listler for a heapin’ hot WOMP It Up! Tara discusses her work for Barbizo Modeling and explains exactly what happened to…


They Could've Had a V8

improv4humans #365October 17, 2018

Beth Appel, Aman Adumer, and Ali Ghandour join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! We’ll meet a weed-obsessed border patrol agent, a principal determined to learn the newest schoolyard slang, and a teamwork-oriented superhero squad. Plus, a trick-or-treater changes his costume to…


Hungry LOST Survivor Games (w/ Beth Appel)

Beth Appel joins Zach and Jess this week in the most ambitious island-related crossover event in history. With songs like "Please Tell Us Why We Are LOST", "An Alliance of Karens" and "Viewing Party", you won't feel deserted listening to these tunes.  This episode is brought…


Abraham Lincoln Invented the Car (w/ Beth Appel)

Private: Hard Nation #33November 11, 2016

Still flabbergasted by the outcome of the 2016 election, Mark & Pete play a reenactment of an 1865 interview from the Hard Nation archives, with President Abraham Lincoln (Beth Appel). Listen to "Casual, Cool Abe” discuss the difficulties of bringing a divided…


We Need to Talk About Kevin

improv4humans #185April 30, 2015

Drew Spears, Andrew Hansen, and Beth Appel of the UCB-LA Harold team Cardinal Redbird all learn more about Thomas the Milk Man’s new intern Kevin on this week’s improv4humans with Matt Besser! As we get to know more about Kevin, you’ll hear…

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