Beth Dover

Beth Dover is an actress and writer, known for The Ten, G, and Childrens Hospital. She is married to Joe Lo Truglio.

Guest Appearances

July 30, 2018

Marissa and Listler are back again to welcome Marina Del Rey High’s Home Economics teacher Ms. Suze Sackrider (Beth Dover) to take us through her life’s highest highs and lowest lows on another WOMP It Up! Suze talks about her rough-and-tumble childhood before past hookups come to light on “What’s Cheesing You?”. Then, Marissa and Listler offer advice on dating apps in new countries, initiating intimacy, and the importance of an engagement ring during Listler’s Love Lockdown. Plus, we’ll discover details about Suze’s dream future as she receives her very own Spotlight On.

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August 25, 2017

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Nannies, Nannies, Nannies with your host Felicity Foster (Beth Dover)! Felicity is currently pregnant and looking for a nanny so she went to Craigslist and decided to record the interviews as a podcast. Will she find her perfect nanny? Plus, Traci Reardon stops by to answer Twitter questions about nannying in another edition of “Help Me Rhonda.”

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August 16, 2017

Actress Beth Dover (Wet Hot American Summer, Orange Is the New Black) joins Howard and Kulap for this week’s Who Charted! She reminisces about bartending at the Magic Castle before they count down iTunes’ Top 5 Hot Tracks. Then, Beth shares stories of living all across the world during the Movie Chart. Later, Two Charted brings a special segment featuring the H. Michael Quiz.

August 1, 2017

The incomparable Beth Dover and Joe Lo Truglio share more hilarious secrets and lies than they bargained for. Turns out, life as a Mr. and Mrs. in this business-we-call-show ain’t as easy as they make it look…

September 18, 2014

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star & The State alumni Joe Lo Truglio is back on a bonus Comedy Bean Bag! Scott & Joe bro out over giraffes, role models, and Denny’s. Joe then shares the spotlight as he and Scott help housewife Saman Thughgh with her plan to land a reality TV show by doing a little roleplaying. Finally, a romance between Joe & Samam unravels itself during a game of Would You Rather!


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