Betsy Stover

Betsy Stover has been with the UCBT since 1997, serving as a performer, writer, director, coach, and as a teacher since 2001. Betsy began improvising in 1994, where she performed at Brave New Workshop and ComedySportz in Minneapolis, MN. Betsy studied improv with Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh, Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Armando Diaz, Mick Napier, Joe Bill, and Mark Sutton, as well as sketch comedy writing with Ali Farrahnakian and Matt Besser. She’s been on numerous UCBT Harold teams including Cowbot, Ice-Nine, and DeCoster; and in a million UCBT shows, including the two NYC Soundtracks Live shows directed by, respectively, Amy Poehler and David Wain. She wrote and performed two long-running UCBT sketch shows with her comedy partner, Katty Biscone. Betsy & Katty’s eponymous debut was directed by Rob Corddry and was also performed in the HBO / Warner Brothers performance space in LA.

Guest Appearances

Hail Satan with Chip Gardner

Things get grizzly as Andy Daly & Matt Gourley bring us the next podcast pilot hosted by Broadcaster and Game Show Host Chip Gardner. With his trusty longtime announcer Tip Thompson, Chip & Tip will recall past game show failures, play some…


LIVE from DCM 15 Pt. 1

improv4humans #93August 8, 2013

Recorded LIVE from the 15th Annual Del Close Marathon in New York is part 1 of an epic improv4humans featuring an amazing roster of improvisers that include Chad Carter, Will Hines, Kate Riley, Chris Gethard, Jordan Klepper, Shannon O’Neill, Adam Frucci, Jeremy…

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