Billy J. Kramer

Billy J. Kramer is a pop singer. In the 1960s he was managed by Brian Epstein, who also managed The Beatles, and he recorded several original Lennon and McCartney compositions.

Guest Appearances

April 10, 2017

Liverpool-born rocker Billy J. Kramer, a member of the British Invasion and a friend/collaborator of the Beatles, joins Gilbert and Frank to explain the origin of Skiffle, the unusual appeal of the Cavern Club, the subculture known as “Teddy Boys” and Pete Best’s exodus from the Fab Four. Also, Billy signs with Brian Epstein, teams with the Bee Gees, locks horns with George Martin, and covers Neil Diamond and Harry Nilsson. PLUS: “Jukebox Jury”! Billy goes glam! Gilbert salutes Gene Pitney! John Lennon records in the loo! And James Brown upstages the Stones!