Bobcat Goldthwait

Bobcat Goldthwait is an actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film and television director. He is commonly known for his energetic, ravenous stage personality, his dark, acerbic black comedy, and his gruff but high-pitched voice.

Guest Appearances

December 19, 2018

(This is a rebroadcast from 10/09/2014. As the Put Your Hands Together team takes a break during the month of December, we invite you to enjoy this gem from our archives.) 

Grand sets from Bobcat Goldthwait, Jamie Lee, Chris Garcia, Katie Crown. Chat with Anthony Jeselnik, and your hosts Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher.

July 17, 2017

Gilbert and Frank welcome comedian, actor, writer and director Bobcat Goldthwait, who discusses his transition from performing to directing, his love of Universal horror films, his delight in making audiences feel “awkward” and his decades-long friendship with the late, great Robin Williams. Also: Bob wrestles with Arsenio, runs afoul of Nickelback, writes a “Billy Jack” movie and raves about Gilbert’s new documentary. PLUS: John Lennon doodles! Robert De Niro watches “Problem Child”! In praise of Barry Crimmins! In defense of Ed Wood! And Bobcat and Gilbert remember “Hot to Trot”!

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August 10, 2015

Bobcat Goldthwait and Barry Crimmins, creators of the new documentary Call Me Lucky which follows the life of comedian Barry Crimmins join Devin & Amy this week to nominate the 1972 American satirical comedy-drama The Candidate into the Canon. They’ll discuss the transformation of Robert Redford’s character, the remarkable performance by a rare bearded Peter Boyle, how the issues tackled in the film are still relevant today, and the possibility of a sequel. Tune in to hear Bobcat share his story about the awkward interaction he had with Redford as well as what lead him to create a film following his friend Barry — and head to the forums on Wolfpop to cast the deciding vote!

August 7, 2015

This week, Randy and Jason explain why you shouldn’t break into Jesus’ house and why fans shouldn’t manage a major league baseball franchise. Then, the Sklars welcome to the show Bobcat Goldthwait, who talks about his ability to balance the commercial aspect of comedy in order to simultaneously pursue his passion projects.  Additionally, Bobcat reveals how he knew Bill Cosby was a villain long before anyone else. Then, in quick hits, the gang discusses why the Houston Astros should have higher hopes, why cross dressing cannot be a publicity stunt, and why you don’t want to start a Twitter war with Penn State. Lastly, Jesse Thorn calls in to pitch his new political fantasy league.

August 3, 2015

From setting fire to a couch on the Tonight Show to his groundbreaking first appearance on Comedy Bang! Bang! The one and only Bobcat Goldthwait is back to talk about catching up with his Police Academy pals, his new documentary Call Me Lucky following comedian Barry Crimmins, and his friendship with Robin Williams. Then, middle school cafeteria technician Frank Frank arrives to give us all the details on how creating Cafeteriapalooza will be the solution to bad behavior in the lunchroom. Later, Country-western songwriter Dusty Stevens stops by to promote his new album as well as talk about some of the famous jingles he’s helped write.

December 10, 2013

Join Kevin as he chats with comedian turned writer/director, Bobcat Goldthwait, (World’s Greatest Dad, God Bless America) about parlaying his stand-up career into creating independent films. Bobcat discusses his fascination with the legend of Bigfoot, assaulting Super Dave Osborne’s stunt dummy, and how to get cut-aways during the Oscars.