Brendan McDonald

Brendan McDonald is the producer of WTF with Marc Maron.

Guest Appearances

April 10, 2014

Though he is rarely heard from on his own, Marc Maron says he considers WTF producer Brendan McDonald, “half of the show.” On this episode of The Wolf Den Brendan steps out of the producer’s chair and in front of the microphone. He tells Jeff how his five-year relationship working with Marc at Air America turned into them creating WTF together, and how their successful collaboration relies on a shared vision. Brendan then shares how producing WTF means he had to become a businessman and entrepreneur, learning lessons along the way, like which responsibilities he should do himself and which are better to be outsourced.


Make sure to watch the bonus video where Brendan reveals what he’s most excited about in podcasting, his favorite podcasts, and what keeps him up at night.