Brian Gallivan

Brian Gallivan has traveled from Boston, through Chicago, to Los Angeles and has ultimately found a home online with his popular character Sassy Gay Friend. He’s a frequent performer at iO, Second City, and UCB LA where he performs with The Smokes and Soundtrack. If you haven’t checked out Sassy Gay Friend yet, do that right now. You could learn something!

Guest Appearances

Brian Gallivan - Spotlight On: Billy Reck

WOMP It Up! #48June 5, 2018

Hot off the prom, Marissa and Listler are joined by college admissions counselor Billy Reck aka Dr. B (Brian Gallivan) for another WOMP It Up! We’ll hear some of Dr. B’s college essay tips as well as how he’s embracing the Marina…



Totally Laime #126June 29, 2012

If you haven't seen Brian Gallivan's Sassy Gay Friend videos yet, do yourself a favor! Wait, but first, listen to him as this week's guest on Totally Laime! We talk about the strange and embarrassing world of online dating and the surprisingly less controversial…


Oscar Season

Ah, Los Angeles in February, can't you just taste the Glitter in the Garbage? With Oscar nominations out you can see all the Angelinos in their native habitat, be it discussing their plastic surgery, protecting their neighborhoods from invaders, ruing their thoughtless…

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