Brian Moses

Brian Moses

Brian Moses is a comedian who has performed at comedy clubs and colleges across the country. He was a finalist in the Orange County’s Funniest Person Competition a few years ago, and he has opened for several amazing comedians including Cheech & Chong, Sarah Silverman, and Bill Burr.  He has since turned that skill into his career. Brian lives in Los Angeles and regularly performs at The Comedy Store.

Guest Appearances


Sklarbro Country #313July 22, 2016

Comedian Brian Moses transitions from county lad to country boy on this week's Sklarbro Country! He joins the Sklars for discussions about Corey Tindal's poker robbery, how to kill at a rap battle, and Aaron Rodgers' family drama on The Bachelorette. Later,…


Sklarbro County 131

Sklarbro Country #226.5November 25, 2014

The Sklars and guest, Brian Moses, start off the show with an homage to "The Comedy Store," it's history, it's famed performers, and the all new "Roast Battle" that is blowing up as they speak. Then, Dan Van Kirk reviews news headlines…

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