Brian Moylan

Brian Moylan is a writer and Real Housewives anthropologist and recaps Real Housewives for Vulture.

Guest Appearances

Burning Up (w/ Brian Moylan)

Casey and Danielle break their silence concerning the news that has rocked our community to its very core. With them to process and place blame is legendary Housewives authority, Brian Moylan! Brian is stateside and has a gift for Danielle that blows…


Throwback Ep (w/ June Diane Raphael, Brian Moylan)

Casey and Danielle are off this week but here’s a lil blast from the past. Enjoy the episode in which June Diane Raphael coined the phrase that became our life mantra: “Not Gonna Take That On.” With special guest, king Brian Moylan.…


Something in the Water (w/ Brian Moylan, Paul James)

Spectacular Bravo historian, Brian Moylan co-hosts with Casey and brings with him BREAKING NEWS that is not to be missed (even though it may or may not be true). They are joined by the delightful Paul James, who comes looking hot and…


Live from London Podcast Festival 2019 w/ Martin Rossiter, Kayleigh Llewellyn, and Brian J. Moylan

Homophilia #126January 2, 2020

Live from the London Podcast Festival, Dave and Matt are joined by rock star Martin Rossiter, comedian Kayleigh Llewellyn, and writer Brian J. Moylan to dish on Real Housewives updates, Ben and Arthur (and other trash classics), favorite childhood films, and relationship origin stories. Plus, Brian…





4th Annual Halloween Spectacular (w/ Lauren Lapkus, Jessica St. Clair, Brian Moylan)

Casey and Danielle, or shall we say DR. DEB and GINA are Live from Largo for Bitch Sesh’s 4th Annual Halloween Spectacular and Parade! Andy Cohen cos play is alive and well! The hilarious, gorgeous and spot on impressionist Lauren Lapkus guests…


Upstate Girls (w/ Brian J. Moylan)

Casey and Danielle welcome back Thy Lord and Savior, Brian J. Moylan, who graces us with his presence all the way from London! They cover Bev Hills, NY, Potomac and Vanderpump but mainly wonder why Luann is living in a van down…


Fire Island Threesomes, Super Small Fetishes & No Trunks in the Hot Tub w/ Brian J Moylan

Homophilia #65November 1, 2018

The one and only Brian J Moylan is back in the (new!) studios with Dave and Matt to update everyone on his latest Fire Island escapades, getting married in an open relationship, being called a "Daddy" and soooo much more. Plus, Love Island hotties, friendly "woofs"…


Blow Up (w/ Brian J. Moylan, Shira Caspe Weiss)

Danielle and Casey are joined by Housewives Historian Brian J. Moylan and he has a big announcement. (HINT: He will be making more money off the housewives backs!) They discuss OC, DALLAS and where the franchise is headed. Dream of dreamzzzz they…


Glory Holes, Sex Thru The Bars, and Fire Island Love

Homophilia #22January 5, 2018

2018 starts off saucy when guest Brian Moylan (Vulture, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) comes in hot with his "Brian Moylan Sex Stories"! With Fire Island glory holes, anonymous men in masks, and other tantalizing tales, you definitely don't want to miss a…


Mystic Mistake (w/ June Diane Raphael, Brian J. Moylan)

Danielle is joined by special guest co-host and former Vicky apologist June Diane Raphael and she drops some thoughts on David Beador's chip eating, Carol Radziwill’s life choices and Vicky Gunvalson’s sex appeal that will shake your foundation. Plus Vulture's own Brian…


Live from NY Vulture Festival (w/ Brian J. Moylan)

Casey and Danielle are live from vulture fest in New York City with very special corespondent Brian J. Moylan (who does the Housewives recaps for NYMag) and appearances by Meg Allan Cole and Nicole Shabti. We discuss brown and yellow ice, Southerns…


Hong Kong Fireworks (w/ Brian J. Moylan, Adam Pally)

On today's podcast Casey and Danielle are joined by President and Founder of the Real Housewives institute Brian J. Moylan to discuss junk boats and junk humans. They also try to get to the bottom of Phaedras vacation wear and Erica Jaynes…


Bye, Bye Beadors: Live from Largo (w/ Brian Moylan, Deanna Cheng)

Join Casey and Danielle for a live show at Largo that goes deep and gets dark... or DANK. The girls rock out to LOCK, read a text exchange known as "Ghost Post" and try to comprehend the boots on the ground. With special…

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