Brian Palermo

Brian Palermo is an actor and comedian with an impressive film resume ranging from Big Momma’s House to The Social Network. He performs and teaches at the Groundlings Theater and played the recurring role of Phil on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Brian was also a writer for the adult-appreciated children’s show Histeria.

Guest Appearances

March 2, 2011

Friends, we’ve been getting to know each other for thirteen weeks now. Can we finally be real with each other? No? Awesome. Instead, let’s play pretend! Drew, Ted and Brian play pretend being boxcar hobos, astronauts, mommy and daddy (and therapist), and the old stand-by, racist drunks. But if you are looking for realness, look no further than the tragic story of how Shakespeare mangled Drew’s arm. Feel free to get real with us on Facebook and leave your comments on Earwolf.