Bridger Winegar

Bridger Winegar is a writer and actor, known for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Single Parents and Black Monday.

Guest Appearances

Actually, Send Gifts! (w/ Bridger Winegar)

For me?? I couldn't possibly.. in this week's opening "podder," Michelle and Dan discover the one thing they don't have in common (erotic cartoon festivals), the one thing they do (hating darts), and the best reality tv show currently airing. Then the…


The Prolific Ponzi Schemer w/ Bridger Winegar 

Scam Goddess #126February 21, 2022

What's poppin' con-gregation? This week, Bridger Winegar joins us to discuss Sergei Mavrodi, the man behind one of the world’s largest Ponzi schemes. Plus, a 73-year old Long Island woman helps the NYPD catch a scammer. Stay Schemin! Research By Kaelyn Brandt.  SOURCES:…



Casey and Danielle are joined by writer and savage critic of The Housewives, Bridger Winegar to discuss everything from the madness of Lisa Barlow to the madness of Lisa Barlow!


Crazy Taxi with Bridger Winegar

Get Played #104June 13, 2021

Bridger Winegar (I Said No Gifts!) joins Nick and Heather to discuss beloved arcade classic Crazy Taxi! They talk about Bridger's take on modern games, how the game holds up, the surprisingly detailed backstories of the characters and more!


Time To Feel Guilty (w/ Bridger Winegar)

We've woken up at the crack of noon to bring you crunchy pickles and something that looks like a donut, with none other than Bridger Winegar. Unsurprisingly, the host of the I Said No Gifts podcast is himself an absolute gift. Tune…

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