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Bryan is the co-host and co-creator of the THROWING SHADE podcast, live show and TV show. As an actor, you’ve seen him on shows like MODERN FAMILY, THE BIG BANG THEORY, SUPERSTORE and as Charlie in the Will Ferrell/Kristen Wiig Lifetime original movie opus A DEADLY ADOPTION. He currently plays Alan Lowenstein on Freeform’s long-running series YOUNG & HUNGRY. As a writer, he’s written many of your fave videos on Funny or Die and won an Emmy for his work on THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW.


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From the people who brought you Attitudes! comes GROCERIES, a new podcast about everything groceries: from cotton candy grapes to who Mary is and why she’s “gone crackers.” It’s the Internet's (only) preeminent guide to the place we all buy food.


The political comedy podcast hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi who deliver their fresh takes on pop culture, women’s rights, and LGBTQ+ rights with hilarity and vulgarity.   Find the full archive of Attitudes! plus exclusive bonus episodes only on Stitcher Premium. And make sure to check out GROCERIES on Stitcher Premium, where Bryan and Erin interview their favorite friends of the show. For a free month of listening, go to and use promo code 'SHADE'.  

Guest Appearances

The Crooked Car Executive w/ Bryan Safi

Scam Goddess #110November 1, 2021

What’s Poppin’ Con-gregation? This week, we have Bryan Safi discussing the LGBTQI Icon Geraldine Elizabeth Carmichael, a car executive who attempted to sell the Dale, a fuel-efficient three-wheeled car in response to the 1974 oil crisis. Plus, a corrupt NYPD Officer steals…


Bryan Safi is BACK!

Bryan Safi is back in Bitch Sesh's welcoming bosom, right where he belongs, to discuss the stunning Beverly Hills reunion trailer, Sarah Paulson's new starring role in Salt Lake and the drunken house-husband that puts all others to shame, G. Bryan also teaches Casey and Danielle…


Call 911! Bryan Safi is Back!

Bryan Safi is back in the virtual nook and he gives our listeners lots to think about regarding Marlo's confidence, Marge's asides and steak as a shared appetizer?!!! Plus Danielle talks about her one Jersey Shore experience (which involves terrible sex) and things get…


The Snowman LIVE! Re-Release

Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi (Attitudes!) join Paul and Jason to discuss the 2017 psychological crime horror thriller The Snowman. Recorded live from Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, they talk about detective Harry Hole never bringing up the snowman, ADR…


Season 3, Ep 70 - Arnor's Next Feat

Arnor the legendary warrior crashes into Castle Skullmaster with some surprising news. Credits Arnie: Arnie Niekamp Chunt: Adal Rifai Usidore: Matt Young Arnor: Blaine Swen Wictor the Guard: Bryan Safi Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen Producers: Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, and Adal Rifai…


Trombone Treasure with Bryan Safi

The Neighborhood Listen #210November 23, 2020

This week, Burnt and Joan get into chats about human tetris, a teddy bear hunt and more! Plus, special guest Marawa (Bryan Safi) comes in to discuss the beautiful tromboning in their neighborhood!


Vaudeville Sisters (w/ Bryan Safi)

Throwing Shade's Bryan Safi is here to tell you "don't trust the fart that's about to come out." Remember to lower your expectations and give yourself a break. "If you wake up and your body works like it did yesterday, then you're Doing…


Season 3, Ep 55 - Nervous Guard (w/ Bryan Safi)

Wictor is the head dungeon guard at Castle Skullmaster...and he's not happy about it! Credits Arnie: Arnie Niekamp Chunt: Adal Rifai Usidore: Matt Young Wictor: Bryan Safi Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen Tricia: Kate James Producers: Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, and Adal Rifai…


Back in the NY Groove (w/ Bryan Safi)

Danielle is joined in the virtual nook by the effervescent, always hilarious Bryan Safi to talk about the premiere of New York Fucking City, the city that never sleeps, or disappoints. In these dark, scary times, we have found a light, and…



Earwolf Presents #131October 27, 2019

Welcome to Hollyweird! A show about all things bizarre and weird about tinsel town, hosted by LA writer, Jessica Jean Jardine (Buzzfeed, Paper Magazine, AV Club). Jessica's first guest is Bryan Safi (Throwing Shade, 9-1-1) they chat about his life in LA…



Comedy Bang Bang #611July 21, 2019

Actor and comedian Bryan Safi joins Scott and intern Gino Lambardo to talk about his podcast Throwing Shade celebrating it’s 400th episode, Cats the musical, and running the call center on the TV show 9-1-1. Then, 4th grade teacher Mr. Camp stops…


Luann Land: Live at UCB (w/ Bryan Safi)

Casey and Danielle are live w/ Bryan Safi and an audience at the UCB theatre where they all had just watched a wild episode of Real Housewives of New York together . Life IS a cabaret especially between Sonja and her flat…


The Snowman: LIVE! (w/ Erin Gibson, Bryan Safi)

Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi of Throwing Shade join Paul and Jason to discuss the 2017 psychological crime horror thriller The Snowman. Recorded live from Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, they talk about detective Harry Hole never bringing up the…


Bryan Safi - Spotlight On: Don Haypen

WOMP It Up! #83February 11, 2019

This week Marissa and Listler welcome Don Haypen (Bryan Safi of Throwing Shade), coach and owner of the Marina Del Rey Dominoes hockey league! First, we’ll hear about Marissa’s disastrous attempt to renovate as well as the childhood business that set up…


3rd Annual Bitch Seth Halloween Extravaganza (w/ Vanessa Bayer, Bryan Safi)

IT’S THE 3rd ANNUAL BITCH SESH HALLOWEEN EXTRAVAGANZA! Where grown humans do Andy Cohen cos play! Casey and Danielle are joined live at Largo by costumed national treasures Vanessa Bayer (Darcey) and Bryan Safi (Paul) for scenes and song and judging of…


Live from JFL w/ Bryan Safi, Joel Kim Booster & Sabrina Jalees

Homophilia #53August 9, 2018

Homophilia is live from the JFL Comedy Festival with a full line-up of old and new favs! Bryan Safi (Throwing Shade), Joel Kim Booster (Conan), Sabrina Jalees (Search Party, The Comedy Lineup) join the guys to talk about Canada's Got Talent, clown hairdressers, Mamma Mia 2's elusive timeline and…


Thank God Superstar (w/ Bryan Safi)

The insanely hilarious Bryan Safi (Throwing Shade) joins Jess and Zach for the quickest conceived musical to date! If you ever wanted to hear a rock musical about a talent competition reality show, One Direction-esque kid contestants, "Oasis", the Pope, and more, this is the…



Paul F. Tompkins welcomes every person back to Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guest is actor/comedian/writer Bryan Safi of Throwing Shade! Bryan chats about who the Denzel Washington in his life is, dancing the dabke, and the unexpected problems that arise…


Great! Can't Wait! Thanks!

Fake The Nation #91April 5, 2018

Negin takes a break from the political maelstrom to blow off steam with some of her favorites, including a surprise cameo by comedy podcast legend Paul F. Tompkins (SPONTANEANATION)! Other panelists in the mix include Rory Albanese (The Daily Show), Mike Pesca…


Bryan Safi

Comedian Bryan Safi sits down with Cameron to discuss his experience with his parents, homophobia and misplaced misogyny, and being punished for showing femininity. This episode is sponsored by EverlyWell ( code: QUEERY).


Crying Shame

Dream of Dreams guest Bryan Safi returns to the nook, like Eileen returning to Beverly Hills (except HE has his hair figured out). Casey apologizes for sleeping on Drag Race, Danielle sings her childhood sorrows, Bryan dissects Sheree's forced photo shoot, and…


Let's Do A Bipartisan

Fake The Nation #78January 4, 2018

Fellow Earwolf podcasters Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi (Throwing Shade) join Negin to talk about Trump’s rambling interview with the New York Times and imagine a future where women run government. Plus, Negin breaks down why people are protesting in Iran and…


Bryan Safi, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #209October 24, 2017

Sean and Hayes are so mad about something in the news that they got BRYAN SAFI from Throwing Shade to come on the show and help them out about it.   This episode is sponsored by The Second City Training Center and…


Husbands vs Partners, Regional Theater and "Trading Spaces" Fails

Homophilia #5September 8, 2017

Throwing Shade's Bryan Safi joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about Jenny Jones, "Trading Spaces" fails, marriage, plus a boy band member's shocking NYE wardrobe. Also, Dave recaps his impromptu regional theater experience, and the guys give advice to their…


A Mansion House

Paul F. Tompkins parachutes his way toward Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guests are Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson of Throwing Shade! They chat about what time period they belong in, the origins of high heels, and the 1970 film The…


Throwing Shade's Steampunk Aunt

Who Charted? #346July 19, 2017

Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson (Throwing Shade) join Howard and Kulap for a midsummah night’s Who Charted! Bryan and Erin celebrate their big move to Earwolf and debate the sexiest season for songs while counting down the Top 5 Hot Tracks on…


Revenge Porn (w/ Allyn Morse)

Actor/writer Allyn Morse (Scotch Moses) joins Deanna as well as guest host Bryan Safi for this week's HTBLO! Bryan shares the scariest thing about having a late night show before they talk to Allyn about the origin of her cool name, having…


Black Out and Get Out (w/ Bryan Safi)

Bryan Safi (Throwing Shade) is back with Casey and Danielle and he deconstructs the new OC trailer with the eye of a surgeon and the heart of a true housewives connoisseur. They also take on PART FOUR of The Berkshires and break…


Bryan Safi, Erin Gibson: The Etique-cast

Welcome back to The Etique-cast, the polite podcast that explores all things courteous with your hosts Harnold Palmer (Bryan Safi) and Rita Teresa (Erin Gibson). Harnold and Rita welcome Manners Mentor Roberta “Bobby” Bell this week to converse about polite pickup lines,…


Racism Motivating Election Voters (w/ Erin Gibson, Bryan Safi)

Yo, Is This Racist? #920April 19, 2017

Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi of Throwing Shade join Andrew to talk about radishes, racism motivating Trump voters in the election, the trope of a black man preying on women in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and more. As always, leave us a message…


RHNY Reunion Part One (w/ Bryan Safi)

Danielle and Casey are back in the pear wall papered nook covering the NY reunion  and they are joined by the dreamy and delightful Bryan Safi. Bryan calls for Kelli's dismissal from the franchise and surprises everyone with who his favorite housewife…


Gods of Egypt

Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi of Throwing Shade podcast joins Paul and Jason in-studio to discuss the 2016 Fantasy film Gods of Egypt. Is it a good sign when the opening narration isn't confident in remembering the plot of the movie? What…



Who Charted? #234May 27, 2015

Throwing Shade’s Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi expose the true intentions of geese on today’s Who Charted! As they countdown the Top 5 Billboard: Hot 100 songs, we hear how women can be creeps too, how much a room in Howard’s animal…


Ignore All Instincts!

Totally Laime #195October 25, 2013

You know him from the incredible podcast, Throwing Shade, and from his previous appearance on this here very show - what can we say, we can't get enough of him! BRYAN SAFI came back on and we discussed youth humiliation, fuck apps,…


Adult Sex Ed!

Totally Laime #85September 18, 2011

Well, we're smitten. He's a Southern gent, funny as all get-out, and willingly went on the ride that was this podcast ~ BRYAN SAFI came on TLP and we giggled our butts off. All of us - Elizabeth, Psychic Andy AND Ruby…


Oscar Season

Ah, Los Angeles in February, can't you just taste the Glitter in the Garbage? With Oscar nominations out you can see all the Angelinos in their native habitat, be it discussing their plastic surgery, protecting their neighborhoods from invaders, ruing their thoughtless…

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