Carmen Angelica

Carmen Angelica is a comedian originating from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received a BFA at NYU Tisch School for Film and Television and moved to LA to pursue writing, directing and performing. Carmen has studied at UCB since 2007, studying in New York and LA. She performed on the UCB Harold team Nomi Malone and writes on the UCB Maude team Judith. She formerly wrote on the UCB Maude Team TUT, directed the UCB Maude team Baseball in addition to writing and directing for UCBcomedy Los Angeles Digital. Carmen can be seen in the indie comedy scene around LA and in the festival circuit with her teams Kanyay! West, Sing Sing and Second Pancake. Independently Carmen has been doing her solo show, Who Am I And What The Hell Am I Doing? (directed by Rebecca Drysdale) since January 2013 and has toured it around the country. You can see more of Carmen’s work on, SRSLY, and First Ave., Reductress and the UCB Show. If you want to see all her work in one place check out her website

Guest Appearances

10 Revolutionary TV Shows That Almost Happened

The Cracked Podcast #211November 13, 2017

Remember the LOST pilot? It was basically an incredible JJ Abrams movie with plane crashes, polar bears, and dreamy Matthew Fox. If only that first episode aired-- it would've been a cult phenomenon-- an all-time pop-culture "what-if?" But instead we got LOST--…


The Breakfast Club

John Hughes month begins on Cracked Movie Club! Back in the 1980s, John Hughes changed the idea of a teen movie from a bunch of dopey kids dancing on the beach to a bunch of mopey kids talking about their depressing, broken…


Point Break

Kathryn Bigelow month continues on Cracked Movie Club! On a special live episode recorded at UCB Sunset, Tom and Abe are joined by Cracked’s Soren Bowie and Carmen Angelica as they discuss 1991’s Point Break, Kathryn Bigelow’s first major studio success and the…


Humanity's Greatest Moments Brought to You By Drugs & Booze

Even though drugs and alcohol have been a social lubricant since before we could write anything down, we like to think of history as this boring, stuffy museum exhibit where kings and queens drank iced tea, ate flavorless biscuits and had sex…


Marketing Lies You've Been Duped Into Believing

The Cracked Podcast #173March 27, 2017

We all know consciously to take advertising with a grain of salt. Those McDonald's burgers can't look as manicured in person the way they do in the ads. Examples like that are easy to catch. It's harder to spot false advertising when companies…


25 Bizarrely Specific Ways Movies Get Reality Wrong

It's not something that you consciously notice, but movies speak to us in a secret language. They use a special shorthand to convey ideas or explain plot in the most efficient way possible. There's one problem though: they do it in the…

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