Cassandra Freeman

Cassandra Freeman is an actress and writer known for Inside Man, Kinyarwanda and I Think I Love My Wife. She also stars in the Lifetime movie “The Real MVP.”

Guest Appearances

March 23, 2017

Co-host Cassandra Freeman fills in for Kamau this week to help Kevin address the recent hit “Get Out.” They toast to the special occasion and touch on the film’s take on the new “white people pass,” the strength of the supporting cast, and Jordan Peele’s superb directing abilities. Plus, Cassandra explains what the film got right about the feeling of “only-ness.”

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November 3, 2016

Actress Cassandra Freeman returns to perform co-hosting duties on this week’s Denzel! They’ll dive into the 1986 Denzel TV Movie “Hard Lessons: The George McKenna Story” and discuss Cassandra’s roles on Atlanta, Luke Cage, and The Real MVP. Plus, Cassandra & Kevin have some coffee.

May 5, 2016

Actress Cassandra Freeman joins Kamau and Kevin to describe collaborating with Denzel and Spike Lee in “Inside Man.” She also counts down her top 5 Denzel movies and discusses starring in the upcoming Lifetime movie “The Real MVP: The Wanda Pratt Story.”