Chana Rachel Schusterman

Chana Rachel Schusterman is an inspiring international lecturer, teacher and spiritual counselor.  She was raised in New York City where she earned an MA in Literature.  She lived in Jerusalem for nine years where she learned Torah, Chassidus and Kabalah, and taught in Michlalah Women’s College.  She now resides in Los Angeles with her husband and children.
Mrs.  Schusterman expresses the deep truths of Chassidus in a way that is clear and profound.  She teaches and counsels on personal growth and development based on the inner dimension of Torah. She guides people on how to deepen their relationship to G-d, self and others.  Chana Rachel Schusterman is especially known for her unique lectures and personal counseling for singles on “How to Know Whom to Marry.” She also lectures on the mysteries of marriage.  Mrs. Schusterman speaks in a way that is tailored to the individual or specific group, bringing a unique blend of knowledge, depth and insight.

Rebbitzen Schusterman lived in Jerusalem for nine years where she learned deep teachings of Chassidus nd Kabalah.  She teaches Torah, Chassidus and Kabalah internationally and counsels people in personal spiritual development. She is well known for her lectures and counseling for singles on the subject of  “How to Know Whom to Marry.”  Chana Rachel Schusterman counsels and speaks in a way that is tailored to the individual or to the specific group that she is addressing.  Among her spiritual counseling subjects, she guides people who want to choose a Hebrew name or to understand the deeper meaning of the one they have. She also gives guidance on personal individual “talents” (chushim) according to Sefer Yetzirah.   Mrs. Schusterman is well known for her lectures and workshops, which combine knowledge, depth and insight.

Guest Appearances

January 3, 2017

Happy New Year from OMFG! To start off the new year, Deanna and Emily are joined by inspiring Orthodox lecturer, teacher, and spiritual counselor Chana Rachel Schusterman to share her wisdom on dating and marriage to the listeners. She will help previous guest Daliya Karnofsky with her relationship question on when you know if you should stay or go. Plus, she answers questions on how you should feel when you meet your potential husband/wife, explains why falling in love like in the movies is an illusion, and much more.

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