Chelsea Frank

Chelsea Frank is a writer and comedian based in Los Angeles.

Guest Appearances

November 28, 2017

Writer Chelsea Frank joins Emily and Deanna for a special episode of HTBLO. We start off hearing some of Chelsea’s expert haircare techniques and favorite new phrases before they get deep into a conversation about the many allegations of sexual misconduct that have come to light in the last few weeks. Chelsea offers a youth’s perspective on the implications of the tidal wave of revelations, offering up personal experiences and her thoughts on where we as a society go from here.

This episode is sponsored by ThirdLove.

December 13, 2016

Writer/comedian Chelsea Frank joins Deanna and Emily to chat about sugaring vs. waxing, the importance of having face to face game, and what to do when you accidentally like an old photo while  “insta-stalking.” Plus, Chelsea tells us the do’s and don’ts when it comes to breaking up via texting.