Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a film, television, and film actor, who can be seen in films such as The World’s Fastest Indian playing Tina, a transvestite opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins The Joneses opposite Demi Moore as well as a lead in the classic comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Other credits include The Lottery TicketFriday After Next, Best Man Holiday and Sex Ed. TV credits include; Satisfaction, The Wedding Bells, an Emmy nominated episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the NBC sitcom One Big Happy.

Guest Appearances

March 27, 2015

Randy and Jason start off the show with the latest sexual endeavors of Michael Phelps, as well as a Japanese baseball player who gives an all new meaning to the term “cleaning your fishing pole.” Then, the Sklars welcome to the show Chris Williams, who talks about his start in comedy and his guest star on Curb Your Enthusiam as Krazee-Eyez Killa. Additionally, the Sklars explain why you should never let your Rabbi be the first person to see you on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Also, Chris talks about his latest NBC show One Big Happy, wherein he discusses the intricacies of shooting a multi-cam comedy. Furthermore, in quick hits, the gang talks about a college baseball player that doesn’t know Twitter is public, Adrian Peterson’s birthday theme, and a college basketball player that moonlights as an Uber driver. Lastly, Nicolas Cage drops by to talk about his latest movie, Rush hour 4.